Casaloste has chosen the path of organic and sustainable viticulture to safeguard their environment - living and working - and also to respond to the consumer's need for healthy and genuine products. A production able to enhance the aroma, the taste, the wine personality respecting the vine, the land and the environment.

Organic farming means not using herbicides, fertilizers or synthetic products, and choosing substances that already exist in nature as a defense for the plant. This to a guarantee not only the product safety but also its authenticity, its "expression" of a territory where the quality of wine is a decisive element.


The Experimental Station for Sustainable Viticulture (Stazione Sperimentale per la Viticoltura Sostenibile- SPEVIS) is a private institution that studies the most effective ecological solutions in viticulture.

Casaloste, together with the other Wine producers of Unione Viticoltori di Panzano has strongly supported and financed the project with the intent of finding eco-friendly solutions and a healthier approach towards the environment.

Thanks to the agreements with Several Research Institutes and the strong connection with Wineries, Spevis has developed concrete and innovative solutions for Organic farming

Knowledge and experience gained from experimentation in the field provide us with the most sustainable strategies for all working processes of modern viticulture. The reduction of chemical pressures on the agro-system is the first important step towards changing the way in which the complete production cycle is carried out.

The Experimental Station for Sustainable Viticulture addresses the efficacy of organic methods for companies and wine producer groups or associations who are already working with these methods or are interested in evaluating the efficacy of this approach.


First certified organic farm of Greve in Chianti and Panzano in Chianti since 1994 Casaloste in pursuit of total sustainability in 2010 was totally freed from fossil fuels reaching the total energy independence through its solar photovoltaic system and biothermal renewable fuels plant.